Bryan County burglary suspect behind bars

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MEAD, OK -- A man wanted in connection with a string of burglaries in Bryan County is behind bars. News 12 was there as the sheriff's office conducted a search of the property where he was staying.

For weeks detectives say they have been looking for whoever was stealing from several properties in the Mead area. Tuesday, Bryan County Sheriff's deputies believe they captured their main suspect 42-year-old Michael Dee Jamison, who now faces several charges.

The Bryan County Sheriffs Office searched property at 729 East Sophia Loop where investigators say they recovered numerous stolen items including a motorcycle and trailer. Authorities say the burglary suspect, 42-year-old Michael Dee Jamison, took off when they served a warrant leading them on a manhunt before he was caught and arrested.

"I'm pretty confident today saying we made a dent in some of the burglaries," Calloway said.

Chief Investigator Nathan Calloway says Jamison became a person of interest on July 11th after he was caught on surveillance video breaking into a car.

"You can see the suspect coming around the trailer house holding a semi-automatic hand gun in his right hand and entering the vehicle, and when our deputies arrive he exits the vehicle and takes off running," Calloway said.

Calloway says the video shows Jamison tossing the gun that deputies recovered.

"We discovered it had, what is commonly referred to in law enforcement, as a phase two malfunction so we have some concerns that maybe he attempted to pull the trigger, while he was in the vehicle at our deputies," Calloway said.

Mead resident Melissa Bryant says she was aware of the burglaries and feels more at ease now that an arrest has been made.

"I'm very relieved. I can sleep well tonight. I'm still going to keep everything locked up, but I feel much better that they've got somebody," Bryant said.

While the investigation continues Calloway says they will work to return the recovered stolen property back to the owners.