Calera Police undergoes active shooter training

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CALERA, OK -- Police got the chance to see how they'd respond to an active shooter situation Tuesday.

It's a course using virtual technology to create life-like situations.

Instructor William Carter said the equipment uses a video screen and lasers to create scenarios.

The outcome of the video can change depending on how the officer handles the situation.

"The purpose of the scenarios gives them the option to use voice control to gain compliance. Or possibly what we call escalate up in the use of force," he said.

In other words, possibly using deadly force.

"You wouldn't think that something that's portrayed on a screen which is displayed behind me is gonna have reaction or gonna have that type of effect on you. But it absolutely does," Chief Don Hyde said.

He said that's why they brought in the program - to provide life-like training for using deadly force.

"We have an obligation to the community to provide the best that we can through training in each field of law enforcement," he said.

And how life-like does it feel?

"I've had officers cry. I've had officers become extremely silent for the rest of the day," Carter said.

Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group put on the training.

Hyde said the training is also handy to see how fellow officers will respond to different - intense - situations.

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