Brayn County fatal shooting could be self-defense

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BRYAN COUNTY, OKLAHOMA -- 58 year-old Steve Weger of Calera was shot and killed in his home Tuesday night.

Investigators say it was Steve's ex-wife, Cathy, who shot him with a shotgun around 7:45.

Sheriff Sturch says because it is a domestic violence case, they have not arrested her.

Bryan County Sheriff Bill Sturch says he deals with domestic violence cases all the time, but they rarely get so severe that they end in death.

He says that's what happened last night in Calera.

"There was a yelling match going on with him outside and her inside and she felt threatened and she had a shotgun that she found in the closet, and she shot him and he is deceased," Sturch said.

Cathy Weger shot and killed her ex-husband, 58-year-old Steve Weger, in his home around 7:45 Tuesday night.

She then called 911.

When investigators arrived at the scene, Cathy told them that Steve had been threatening her.

"We're trying to determine if there's case to put charges on her. She has not been arrested," Sturch said.

Sturch says this case is difficult to investigate because Cathy is the only witness.

"It looks like she's telling the truth about what happened, physically," Sturch said.

He also says they're looking into the background of Steve & Cathy's relationship, to learn more about the former couple.

"You know, these things like this, when you look back they were married at one time, they separated and split up because I guess they couldn't get along, based on what we're hearing," Sturch said.

For now, they don't have enough evidence to decide whether or not they will file charges against Cathy, but they're still investigating.

"And as we speak we've got detectives from OSBI, the Das offices and our offices still out talking to people to see if there may have been something more that created this problem, more than what we're hearing from her," Sturch said.

Steve and Cathy have two adult children. Their son lived here with Steve in his home.

Sheriff Sturch says that while Cathy is not in custody, they do know where she is.

We got reports that she was at the District Attorney's office today in Durant.

We'll continue to bring you the latest developments in this case.

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