Callisburg firefighter injured in head-on collision

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CALLISBURG, TX - They're the first on the scene of accidents and disasters but yesterday Callisburg firefighters were shocked to find one of their own was the victim in a head on collision.

Now, they're banding together and asking for the public's help to support a man who risks his life, daily, to save others.

"My heart stopped," said Mike Dutton, president firefighter for Callisburg.

Callisburg firefighters are in shock and relying on each other after one of their own, Sean Hartmann, was involved in a major car accident early Tuesday afternoon.

"He was headed westbound to Gainesville after dropping his kid off at a babysitter when another vehicle made a left hand turn into his intersection. It was too late for him to react and he ended up colliding with that vehicle head on pushing them both off the roadway into a ditch," said Ryan Kyle, Callisburg Chief Fire Marshal.

Hartmann called his captain shortly after 3 p.m. to let him know an accident had occurred on FM 2896.
What Hartmann did not tell them was that he was involved in that crash and badly hurt.

"It was a little nerve wracking at first. We weren't expecting it to be one of our own. Especially after we had just got off the phone with him about it too," said

"He had major trauma and bruising across his torso. He had made impact with his front windshield on the head and had some trauma from that as well. The main concern was his knee where he actually broke his kneecap and patella in half completely," said Kyle.

Hartmann was flown by careflight to Harris hospital in Fort Worth and rushed into emergency surgery.
He was released Wednesday night and is recovering his injuries.
And his fellow firefighters wasted no time setting up a fund and raffles to help Hartmann and his family through this difficult time.

"Any Landmark bank just say you want to donate to Callisburg fire dept and they'll know what you're talking about," said Dakota Covington, vice-president firefighter for Callisburg.

"Keep an eye out for gun raffles to come to help support the family down the road," said Kyle.

Now these Firefighters are asking the public to donate what they can to help this man who does so much to help his community.

Click Here if you would like to help Sean Hartmann and his family

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