Camp on Lake Texoma held for kids with chronic illnesses

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LAKE TEXOMA - This week, dozens of kids are attending Camp Cavett on Lake Texoma.

It's a one of a kind summer camp, where organizers are hosting children who are battling life-threatening illnesses.

They're out having fun, but it's so much more than that.

"You get so upset in that hospital. You don't have kids that can relate to you, its all adults. This is a place that they can relate to you and you can talk to people about what you have," said Alayna Rhodes, a camper.

Nearly 200 kids from age 8 to 19 are out at Lake Texoma spending the week with Camp Cavett.

It's a 5 day camp that helps kids from all walks of life who are battling life-threatening illnesses.

"Its basically like a vacation and get out of the hospital. For people to get a break from the hospital basically and have a good time outside and enjoy life," said Elijah Hines, a camper.

These campers are from all over Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas, ready to have fun and forget about everything else.

"We got cancer, we got cystic fibrosis, we got spina bifida, we got some crohns, we got genetic. They all have some things together that they can learn from each other," said Danny Cavett, the founder of Cavett Kid's Foundation.

The Camp is packed with activities like water tubing, bass fishing, and ropes courses.

Campers support each other, away from the challenges they face back home.

"Everybody just kind of stares at us. You don't battle that here," said Rhodes.

With mounting medical expenses for each child, the camp comes at no cost to them.

"Its an idea that we do these camps so we can teach these kids how to cope, how to connect with the right people and character. So we put all this together for the kids," said Cavett.

Campers said there's no place like it.

"Kids with illnesses and stuff who normally don't have free time or don't fit in with anybody, they can come here and have a blast and fit in with everybody," said Ty Stahlbusch, a camper.

"I'm having such a great time. It's just so good emotionally for all of us to realize that we have each other," said Rhodes.

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