Campers head to state-run parks during government shutdown

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK - On Tuesday Glenn Thompson was settling in for a relaxing camping trip at the Lakeside camping grounds--run by the Army Corps--but his plan didn't last long.

"We just got all of our unpacking done, got our boats unloaded got ready to go fishing and we got word that we couldn't stay there," said Thompson.

So he packed up and left for Lake Texoma State Park.

"Good thing Oklahoma's not in this thing because we got to stay here," he said.

Thompson isn't the only person who had to leave federally-run camp areas. The park office said the calls for campsites started coming Tuesday.

Before then they had 15 campsites occupied. Now 27 additional sites are full. At $20 to $23 a night that's an extra $540 to $621 a night for the state park.

But thr rows of RV's are bringing money to the surrounding towns too.
The night manager at Country Kitchen in Kingston said they're already seeing more customers.

"We've come up yesterday and today in the business," said manager Stefan Severini.

The park office said that the calls keep coming. But some campers like Thompson are ready for the shutdown to end so he can go back to his usual camping spot.

"We'd like to go back to what we call our winter home, but we're not going to get to it doesn't look like," he said.