Carter County Sheriff's Office investigates allegations against former Dickson teacher

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Warning: Some of this subject matter is graphic.

DICKSON, OK - "I've known her since I was probably about five," said Bayler Vaughn. "When she would go ask me to do things with her I never really thought much about it because I considered her more like a friend to me than a coach."

Vaughn is a sophomore at Dickson high school. Her mom and dad held a parents meeting Thursday night to talk about what they said happened.

"My daughter was given alcohol and sent pictures of boys penises, showed videos of kids doing things to themselves," said Bridgit Vaughn, Bayler's mother.

The Carter County Sheriff's Office first received complaints--of the teacher providing alcohol to students and sexual misconduct--from students and parents August 29th. The investigation spans from early June to the start of school. At this point they've interviewed 15 students that were either victims or witnesses. Sheriff's deputy Donny Raley said there's no real physical evidence so his job is to corroborate student testimony to build a case.

"By getting other witnesses and people to come forward that can verify that the statements that the students are making are true," said Raley. "And that's what's taking so long in this case."

Raley said they will finish interviews and present the case to the district attorney to see what, if any, charges would be filed. For now, he can't discuss possible charges. He also said they're investigating allegations against Dickson superintendent Sherry Howe.

"If we find that she has done anything to hinder or impede this investigation then we'll present that to the district attorney," said Raley.

Until then, Bayler just wants to put this all behind her.

"I hope it's taken care of," she said. "I'm relieved that it's all out, out in the open."

Our calls to the superintendent's office were not returned, and the school board chose not to comment.