Carter County to vote on GAPS tax proposals

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While many people are thinking about the presidential election, Carter County residents will have something else to vote on in November. Gaps, or Growth Action Progress Success, is a set of five taxes the Gaps campaign is proposing.

Campaign chairperson Jessica Pfau says the campaign has a simple mission.

"We are a group of very interested citizens trying to make Carter County better," Pfau said.

They plan to do that with three proposals for carter county and two just for the city of Ardmore. The proposed new county taxes are a quarter-cent sales tax for schools and a quarter cent sales tax for roads and bridges. These would end in five years. The third proposal is for a $10 million bond for the University Center of Southern Oklahoma. That tax would end in 10 years.

The proposals for Ardmore ask voters to renew the quarter cent sales tax for jobs and the half cent sales tax for city infrastructure.

Steve Middleton owns Dacapo music and supports the tax proposals. He says he doesn't think his sales would change if they pass.

"The investment that would be made in the community would certainly be a benefit," Middleton said.

But not everyone agrees with GAPS. In fact, one voter has a different message to send.

"We're paying plenty of taxes right now," Lisa Holden said.

Holden is against the GAPS campaign.

"A lot of these things they want to tax again are already well funded right now."

Whether you agree or disagree, the choice to pass GAPS will be yours at the polls on November 6th.

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