Carter County GAPS taxes go into effect

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Carter county voters approved a quarter-cent sales tax for schools and a quarter-cent sales tax for roads and bridges.

Now that the money is coming in, Kevin Robinson--the Carter County Commissioners board chairman--said it'll help them with repairs their maintenance money sometimes doesn't cover.

"The drought's caused so much separation in the soil it's tearing roads apart as well," said Robinson. "There's just lots of repairs that needs to be done."

He adds that the quarter-cent sales tax for schools will be divided up among all Carter County schools based on their average daily attendance. Then those school districts will decide how to use their share.

The cost to the taxpayer depends on where they live in the county: the state sales tax is 4.5%, the county's is now three-fourths of a cent and each city has their own rate.

In Ardmore that rate is 9% and it's meeting mixed reaction now that residents are feeling it in their wallets.

"If it's going to help my city since I live here, I'm fine with it," said Loice Tonti, who voted for the taxes.

"My main concern is that so much and so many dollars are wasted," Jolene Larecy said, who voted against the taxes.

Robinson estimates that each quarter-cent sales tax will bring in $8 to $10 million dollars over five years, and he said he'll make sure the money goes toward it's intended purpose.

"I'd love to be able to fix a lot of roads out there that we just flat don't have the money to do," he said.

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