"Cash Mob" in Durant

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DURANT, OK-- For 34 years Annette Armstrong has owned and operated Marie's on Main Street in Durant. She's seen several different efforts by the Chamber to get people to shop locally.

She said they might just have an idea that sticks this time, it's called a "Cash Mob."

"This is small business week and this is the first time that Durant is trying this. So we are real excited."

You've seen the flash mob, now the Chamber of Commerce is trying a "Cash Mob." Tuesday night the chamber invites residents to come and join in on the fun.

"Each one of the people will bring a $20 bill and with that they are committed to spending that, into the business that is drawn from a hat. And once we draw that we will mob the business and spend the money," executive director, Janet Reed, explained.

According to Thumbtack.com the state of Oklahoma gets an A+ for small business friendliness. Reed said she sees that trend right here at home.

She explained that Durant, like other cities, want their mom and pop businesses to thrive, but they can't do that without support from their hometown.

"Shop locally, it's the very best thing for you, for the economy, and for the people that are in the community."

Durant's new small business plan is "we each do a little, together we all do a lot."

Armstrong said the cash mob will not only boost business, but it'll make shopping even more fun.

"Anything to get people downtown, we've got so many great places downtown now, so I think it's a real enticing idea."