Cause of death released for elderly Pottsboro man

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POTTSBORO, TX -- In February, Enoch "Dickie" Dixon was reported missing by his family. His body was found two weeks later and now News 12 knows the cause of death.

Officials with the Grayson County Sheriff's office say the 83-year-old, Dixon, died from environmental hypothermia with complicating dementia.

Sargent David Russell says Dixon's body was found about a mile away from his home in Pottsboro, nearly two weeks after he disappeared.

Russell says when they found Dixon's body there were no signs of foul play.

"The medical examiner was the one that gave us the cause of death which was environmental hypothermia, which with his dementia confused him and disoriented him," said Russell. "He wasn't able to figure out where he was at or how to get back home."

Russell says Dixon's death was from natural causes and nothing in their investigation suggests criminal activity.

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