Caylee's Law online petition taking off

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DURANT, OK - The Casey Anthony case and the verdict has shocked people across the country. And the case has spurred one Texoma woman to try to change the law to protect kids.

When Michelle Crowder of Durant went to and set up a petition asking Congress to make it a federal offense for a parent or guardian to fail to report a child's disappearance, she had no idea the response it would get.

"I can't even say it got wings," said Crowder. "It got a jet pack. Rocket fuel."

The petition that Crowder set up at got over a thousand signatures in just an hour. But now just 24 hours later, that number is well over 100,000.

"When it hit one thousand in one hour I was overwhelmed," said Crowder. "But now this. I'm just like oh my gosh I still don't know what to think about it."

But even more shocking, Crowder says, is when she first found out that a law like this had never been passed.

"This should have been a law a long time ago," she said." "I could not believe that when I Googled it that I could not find this law anywhere."

Crowder's fiance, John Williamson, has had little sleep in the last 24 hours.

"It just exploded like wildfire and hopefully this gets off the ground and gets into government because it needs to be done," said Williamson.

But Crowder says setting up the petition was easy, and that it's the hearts of concerned Americans that are doing all the work.

"Everyone else has be the muscle that pushing this forward," she said. "And I'm proud of them all."

Crowder says she hopes to get at least 500,000 signatures within the next three months. At that point she and representatives of will submit the petition to both Congress and the President for consideration. Just today an Oklahoma state representative announced he plans to introduce a version of Caylee's Law next session.

If you would like to sign the petition you can go to:

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