Celebrate America Parade in Paris

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PARIS, TX - Around a thousand people lined the downtown streets of Paris for the 20th annual Celebrate America Parade.

"Its been a great parade, lots of participants and lots of enthusiasm." said parade goer Pam Fry.

Parade goers shared what the Fourth of July means to them.

"Freedom." said Fry. "Just mindful of all men and women that are still in harms way for us to have freedoms to come out and participate in something like this."

"Freedom is not free and to see as many people turn out for the parade today, it just makes me excited." said parade goer Cynthia Rhodes. "Because patriotism is at an all time high and I don't ever want to see it be anything less than it is now."

"Remembering my friends and family who served so we can have the freedoms that we still have today, that's what it means." said parade goer Andi Tucker.

To Tucker the Fourth is a special time for her and her family.

"My grandfather served in World War II and Hiroshima, so it means a lot." said Tucker. "He talked about it and his time in the Navy and the fourth and memorial day were his favorites too."

Floats, cars, bands and horses were all part of this years parade, but one special guest stood out to parade goers.

"I loved the longhorn more than anything else, I really did." said Tucker.

"My very favorite was the longhorn that was in it. I think everyone around us loved the longhorn, we love Texas." said Rhodes.

This years Grand Marshall was Chet Hilyer, who served in the Navy from the early 1960s to the late 1990s.

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