Chickasaw nation has 52nd annual meeting and 24th annual festival

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This week a nation within our nation reunited.

"The state of the chickasaw nation is strong and thriving," Chickasaw nation Governor Bill Anoatubby said.

That was the message today at the fifty-second annual Chickasaw meeting.

This week Chickasaws have come to Tishomingo from all across the globe to look at their progress. And the numbers for that progress speak for themselves.

Governor Anoatubby only has to mention the money in their trust account.

"That account, which is held by the united states of america, has grown from about $500,000 in 1987 to more than 19 million today," he said.

Anoatubby also says the success of Chickasaw businesses has allowed them not to use that money for many years. Those businesses have helped create more than two hundred programs and services for the tribe.

Chickasaw nation member April Brown says she's looking forward to the future of the tribe with the Governor.

"He had a lot of vision, the stuff that he was coming up with...I'm glad to see it coming," Brown said.

Today was also the 24th annual Chickasaw cultural festival. And the activities went on well into the evening.

The state of the nation address was the main event in the morning, but the parade was one of the main events of the afternoon. Bands from around the state played their music.

And as Flags and princesses waved, people in Tishomingo celebrated Chickasaw culture.

But as the Governor says, their work isn't done yet.

"We'll work hard to ensure that that spirit of the nation that we've been talking about today-and it's a theme of our annual meeting--will continue to thrive," he said.

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