Choctaw Co. woman arrested for exploiting the elderly

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CHOCTAW COUNTY, OK-- A Choctaw County woman was arrested for the second time in less two months for forgery and exploiting the elderly.

Chief Deputy Larry Hendrix says he arrested 41-year-old Christine Bowman of Grant Wednesday, after an investigation showed she was writing hot checks under the name of her boyfriend's 85 year old grandfather.

Deputies also found her in possession of 24 grams of a substance, that tested positive for meth.

In May, Bowman was arrested on four charges of forgery and exploitation of the elderly against the same man.

"She was basically taking checks that were on an old account, a closed account, and passing them at different businesses," said Chief Deputy Larry Hendrix. "Then she would take the merchandise she purchased and take it back and get cash."

Deputies are also investigating Bowman for using someone's food stamp card, who is currently being held in the jail.