Choctaw County woman accused of shooting her mother in the face

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BOSWELL, OK -- A Choctaw County woman is behind bars after police say she shot her mother in the face. Boswell Police say the shooting took place early Saturday morning in the 700 block of 5th Street. When they arrived on scene officers say they found the victim bleeding, but the suspect had already made a get away. Once they caught up with the suspect police say they were baffled by what she had to say.

Boswell Police say 20-year-old Skyler Mote is charged with a felony of Shooting with Intent to Kill. After midnight Saturday, investigators say she shot her mother 42-year-old Melissa Covington in the face with a 32 revolver.

"She shot five rounds. As of right now, that we know of, just one had hit the victim in the face, on the right side of the face just above the lip," Boswell Police Chief Stoney Burris said.

"Mrs. Covington was in shock of course. She couldn't believe her daughter had done it to her," Lt. Jason Day said.

Brandon Reynolds says he heard one of the gunshots.

"I was in bed, and then I just heard a gun shot... come outside and saw cops all standing over there and they had caution tape and everything," Reynolds said.

Officers say Covington was rushed to Choctaw Memorial Hospital and later flown to a Tulsa hospital where she was last listed in stable condition.

"The first shot is what shot mother in the face," Lt. Day said.

Lt. Day says the two got into an argument, then Covington left for several hours and when she came back her daughter opened fire.

"The suspect told us she was waiting on the porch, the gun cocked in her lap for four hours," Lt. Day said.

While interviewing Mote, investigators say she admitted to shooting her mother.

"She just was calm. Told us the events that happened and that she wanted her dead," Chief Burris said.

"Her intentions was to kill her mother. She emptied the gun, and when the gun was empty she actually threw the weapon at her mother," Day said.

Lt. Day says Mote was under the influence of drugs, but told police she had no mental illnesses.

"It was a shock knowing that a daughter would want to kill or shoot her own mother," Chief Burris said.

Police say Mote is being held in the Choctaw County Jail on a $50,000 dollar bond. They say Covington is expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow.

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