Choctaw Nation to receive federal aid from new Promise Zone program

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OKLAHOMA -- The Obama administration promises the Choctaw Nation help from a new federal anti-poverty program.

Obama said, "Each of these communities is prepared to do what it takes to change the odds for their kids. We will help them succeed."

President Obama announced Thursday afternoon that the Choctaw Nation will be one of the first of five areas to receive aid from the new program.

It will include impoverished areas within southeastern Oklahoma.

Chief Gregory Pyle was in Washington Thursday to discuss the Promise Zone.

While John Jackson, Director of Grants and Program Development for the Choctaw Nation says it's a broad based approach to improve poverty stricken areas.

Jackson said, "The federal government is going to make resources available and we're just looking forward to having multiple initiatives across the ten and a half counties to make a difference in the lives of everyone. "

Jackson says they look forward to implementing the program which will impact municipal governments, county governments and higher education in the Choctaw Nation.