Candidates vie for retiring Choctaw Co. Sheriff's seat

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HUGO, OK-- After 16 years as Choctaw County Sheriff and 43 years in law enforcement, it's time for Lewis Collins, to retire.

"It seems like we have helped so many people, we just, you know, when you wear the badge, it makes you a servant of the people."

Vying for a shot at his seat is Under Sheriff, Terry Park, former Chief of Police in Boswell, James Marzek, and Boswell Council Member Wayman "Buck" Eastwood.

"Really, there aren't a lot of changes, we've been in office for 14 1/2 years, we've built a, one of the most professional Sheriff's departments in the state," Park said.

"I'm hoping they want a change, I'm new in the game, there is a candidate that is newer than me, but I'm new in it, I am Cleet certified. I want to take the knowledge I got, towards, for the people," Marzek said.

We were unable to speak to Eastwood on camera.

Park has about 25 years worth of law experience underneath his belt and Marzek has eight years.

"In my power, I wanna try to build up. To get more deputies and utilize reserve officers, bring them in and that builds your staff up a lot better," Marzek explained.

"I'm going to have a k-9 and have him out working traffic and making drug arrest all over this county. To get with the highway patrol and set up road blocks and drivers license checks all over the county," Park said.

Even though Collins, is not publicly supporting a candidate, Collins does give one piece of advice to whomever the new sheriff may be.

"You have got to get down the basic philosophy of law enforcement and serving people, help people, and do everything legally you can to help people."