City council fires second Achille Police Chief this year

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ACHILLE, OK -- The town of Achille is without a Police Chief once again, but this time that's not all.

Randy White was hired as Achille's Police Chief back in March, after the previous Chief was fired. But, White was stripped of that title and fired from the force at tonight's city council meeting.

Since White had fired the other officers, now the town is left with no police force at all.

City council members announced White's termination after meeting in executive session. They say they had received several complaints about White and there was a lot of talk regarding his "criminal history".

While they would not go into detail about what his alleged record entailscouncil members say his termination is quote "in the best interest of the town".

One woman presented a petition against White's termination, but the petition was thrown out.

When we asked how White could be hired if he had a criminal history, council members said the person who was supposed to do White's background check no longer works for the city, and they're not sure if it was ever done.

"To be honest with you, I don't know what procedures were taken in the past. All I know is as from moving on, when we hire anybody here in the town, there's certain procedures we must follow and that's one of the things we need to do," council member Brad Barkley said.

White was the only officer on the force, so now the Bryan County Sheriff's Office will provide law enforcement.

The city is also without a city secretary and city treasurer. A council member says they are working to fill all vacant positions immediately.

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