City of Ada will start fining residents for leaving trash bins out

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ADA, OK - The city of Ada will begin fining residents for leaving their polycarts out past designated hours.

"We want the city of Ada to look appealing and pleasing not only to the people who live here, but to the people who visit Ada," said Ada Information Director, Mark Bratcher.

Bratcher said the city council voted Monday night to update the city's solid-waste ordinance. Under the new policy, residents can't put their polycarts in the street until 5 PM the night before their trash pickup day, and must take them off the street before noon the day after pickup.

Failure to comply with this rule could result in a $20 fine on the first offense and $50 for repeat offenders.

The city is just simply asking that outside of that window, please remove the polycarts so that there aren't any safety or health issues," said Bratcher. "It certainly makes the neighborhoods and city look a lot nicer."

Bratcher said only a small number of residents leave their polycarts out after their scheduled pick up day, and that can create an unpleasant sight for those driving around the town.

For Adans like Bob Easley, seeing polycarts in the street is not something new. He said he sees polycarts out on the street daily, and it creates a problem when driving through the neighborhood.

"Sometimes it could blow it out in the street, which you know, cars come down, Easley said. "You would have to dodge around it, or almost have a head on collision with another car because you were trying to get around a trashcan."

Bratcher said the city will be informing citizens about the new policy and giving them a grace period before they begin fining.

Easley said as long as Adans get a heads up on the new ordinance, he supports it.

"I don't blame the city for wanting people to pick up their trashcan. I mean they should," said Easley.

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