City of Ector suspends police department after firing chief

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ECTOR, TX - The City of Ector does not have a police force at this time, after the city voted to suspend the police department's operations Monday night.

In a special meeting Monday night, the Ector City Council voted unanimously to suspend the police department until they find an interim police chief. This decision comes just days after they voted to fire former Ector Police Chief J.D. Connerly.

"The council cited "due to lack of confidence," said Ector Mayor Marry Norris, when asked why Connerly was terminated.

Council member Gene Abbott was one of five who voted to suspend the department.

Maroy Norris says, "t's just due to the circumstances of having no police chief for them to work under his directions that we have to take this mode of action."

The council heard a report covering the department's activity from January of this year through Monday, the report includes 41 offenses ranging from driving while intoxicated, to aggravated sexual assault, and a terroristic threat to a family household.

Residents we spoke to, say they're worried crime rates will rise without a police force.

"That makes me feel unsafe and my kids feel unsafe, knowing there's not law here," said one resident who does not wish to be named.

One Ector ISD teacher told us she's worried about safety -- as the department has helped with traffic at the school.

"We need them to patrol and direct traffic around the school zones for the safety of our students," said Rhonda Caylor.

Store owner Benni Pendy says now, she's worried about the security of the Ector Food Mart "We feel really comfortable when somebody is here, you know?"

As the department is suspended, the council voted to pay the one officer on payroll 2 weeks' salary, while Ector's two reserve officers won't be able to work.

The Fannin County Sheriff's Office and Savoy PD will assist in any emergencies in the city.

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