City of Tishomingo plan to hire new city manager

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TISHOMINGO, OK -- After just six months, Tishomingo is looking for a new city manager.

Earlier this month, the city council voted to not renew city manager, Mike Jump's, contract and this week he was placed on administrative leave.

City council members voted three to two earlier this month to not renew Mike Jump's contract but Mayor, Tom Lokey, would not tell us the reason why.

"The reasons for the vote were based upon decisions that were discussed in executive session so that is not available for public comment," Lokey said.

Residents like Teresa Kennison say they want to know why he is leaving so soon.

"I think they should be a little more forthright in what's going on and they're elected officials," said Kennison. "The people of Tishomingo deserve to know what's going on with their city manager."

Lokey says he and one other council member were in favor of renewing Jump's contract but according to Oklahoma State law, they cannot disclose why the three other council members voted not to renew it.

He says on Monday, the council also voted three to two to place Jump on administrative leave.

He could not comment on why but did say they appointed an interim city manager.

"The council is trying to move forward and we will start the selection process on a new city manager very shortly," Lokey said.

Kennison thinks Jump deserved more time on the job.

"It's really not fair to him or his family," Kennison said. "They purchased a home here and are residents in the community and he deserves a chance to show what he really can do."

Lokey says Diana Pitts is serving as interim manager while the council looks to hire a new city manager.

He says they will discuss the hiring process at the next city council meeting.

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