Ada approves special return home for deployed soldiers

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ADA, OK - Nearly one hundred military men and women are returning to Ada after serving overseas. The city is currently working on a special welcome home for the troops.

A group of veterans planning a homecoming for nearly one hundred soldiers is going to get some help from the city.

"Our mission is to talk to the city council about something we can do or they can do to welcome these men and women home," Commander of the Combat Infantrymen's Badge Association Louis Dunlap said.

Ada city commissioners approved the request of the Combat Infantrymen's Badge Association Monday night.

"We would appreciate some type of welcome home for the troops that were deployed to Afghanistan and also to Kuwait," Retired U.S. Army Colonel J.L. Rhodes said.

Both Rhodes and Dunlap said they know how it feels to fight on the frontlines, overseas.

"I was 11B10 infantryman," Dunlap said. "I worked in Vietnam, we were called 'Jungle Warriors'. We worked in jungle areas and it was pretty tough."

Dunlap the soldiers returning home are with the Army National Guard's 180th infantry are currently making their way back to Pontotoc County.

Dunlap said the council agreed to meet with the Combat Infantrymen's Badge Association in the next thirty to forty-five days to plan a dinner for the returning soldiers.

"Back in 2002, right here where we are standing, my dog tags were brought back from Vietnam and awarded to me here and that was a very touching time," Dunlap said. "So, to give you an idea about how a soldier feels when something like this happens, it just overwhelms your heart and soul. I didn't even know anybody really even cared."

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