Class and counseling for those newly diagnosed with diabetes

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SHERMAN, TX -- Hearing the news from your doctor that you have diabetes may cause worry and concern. That's why Texas Health Presbyterian WNJ is offering a 2-part educational class and nutritional counseling for those newly diagnosed with diabetes.

Director of Education and Professional Development and Patient Care Operations Lenora Hatch, says the classes answer many of the questions patients have after being diagnosed.

"How to take care of yourself on a sick day. How to take care of yourself in a 24 hour period and plan your meals. How to look at medication needs as well as how to use a glucometer," Hatch explained

Right now 26 million Americans are diabetic and of those only around 7% know how to maintain their glucose and cholesterol levels.

With WNJ offering skills to those already struggling with the disease, for the rest of us without diabetes, WNJ Internist Dr. Muhammed Choudhry says the best way to prevent it is with a healthy lifestyle by eating well and doing daily physical activity. But, if diagnosed, there are several things to take into consideration.

"In some cases you can control diabetes by taking pills. In other cases you will need to take insulin. But the most important part of all of this is that if you do get diabetes the best thing is to follow regularly with your physician so that it does not get out of control," said Choudhry.

The two-part educational class is free. There is a small charge for nutritional counseling but WNJ can answer questions about fees, dates and appointment times.

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