Crews clean up oil spill in western Carter Co.

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WILSON, OK -- The spill, discovered Sunday, leaked into a creek off of Memorial Road in western Carter County forcing landowners to move their cattle to a safe location.

According to local rancher Mike Faulkner, "They've had to hire extra labor and get the cattle moved, extra fee, and of course, stress on the cattle. So that's a bigger problem that we see right now."

Matt Skinner with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission says 6 barrels of oil and 774 barrels of salt water leaked apparently from an underground Citation Oil and Gas steel line.

Skinner says their top priority was containing the leak quickly, which they have done.

"Well really it's not so much a direct threat to humans because it has been contained and remediation is underway," Skinner said.

Skinner says the oil is not posing a direct threat to humans because of the quick cleanup.

Area residents say the company has been working for the past few days to clean the spill but haven't been told when the clean up process will be complete.

"I'm sure that the landowners here would like some type of target date to know when these cattle can come back in here, because this is an awful, expensive project for them right now to keep those cattle out," Faulkner said.

Jay Austin also lives off Memorial Road. He says it's not just the spill that has him worried. He says the oil company's trucks on the two-way road can also be hazardous.

"They're blocking the road and the bridge. And people down here they have to go to work, they have to go to the hospital, or whatever, and it does affect them."

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