Clean up continues on both sides of Red River

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PARIS, TX, HUGO, OK -- Days after the ice storm, over 5,000 customers in Lamar County and thousands more in Choctaw County remain in the dark tonight.

Electric and tree trimming crews from all over Texas and even Alabama, Kansas and Louisiana have teamed up with Oncor to help restore power in Lamar County.

"It's a blessing to just have everybody unite when other counties and other states are in need," said Paris resident Jamey Shalton.

Lamar County and Paris have both officially been declared disaster areas. While in Hugo and Choctaw County the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Disaster Relief team arrived this weekend and is aiding in the cleanup with food and chainsaw crews. Seven chainsaw crews have been dispatched all over Hugo, helping clean up the mess.

"We'll prioritize those by if limbs are on the home, down on the house," said Disaster Relief Incident Commander Dave Karr. "We've got some requests that have come in that limbs are sticking through the roof and we will help with those and we'll put a tarp on those, if we can't fix the roof we will at least tarp it."

Relief workers are also providing cooked meals for the local Red Cross, to help them feed residents and workers.

"Right now we got a shipment in from Sysco," said Disaster Relief worker Bob Oldham. "We are sorting it out and we are getting ready, we'll have 600 meals ready to go out today at 5-5:30."

"It's been humbling to see all these people come to give their time," said volunteer Sheila Kidd.

For Oncor customers, no time-table has been set for when power will be fully restored.

Choctaw County residents can call the numbers listed below for chainsaw assistance if a tree has fallen through your home, or if your driveway or front doorway is blocked.

Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief chainsaw assistance:

(405) 443-7583
(405) 388-6912
(405) 415-5261

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