Cleanup continues in Calera

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CALERA, OK - Crews in Calera have been working around the clock to get the town cleaned up after last night's storm.

Many firefighters and policemen I've talked to have been working since the storm hit last night. They say right now they're focused on picking up down trees and power lines. We took a look at some of the worst damage.

In the wake of the storm, Calera neighbors came out to survey the damage.

"Oh it could've taken the whole house, the whole neighborhood, the way it came through," Calera resident Janice Clay said.

Clay's favorite hobby is gardening, so when she stepped into her backyard and found a barn from down the street, she was heartbroken.

"Three weeks ago, two weeks ago, we had high winds, it tore up the yard and we got it straightened up. But this time, it was a little worse.

Janice's neighbor, Gerald Fraze, says he never met a storm he was scared of - until last night.

"It blew my garage door out and when it did, it tried to blow me out the door, and I was hanging on for dear life."

But for their street, there is a silver lining.

"It didn't hurt us, so we're thankful for that," Fraze said.

Some say the damage could have been a lot worse. This mangled mess of aluminum behind me used to be a barn just down the road. It blew over here, hit a few houses, but miraculously, it didn't injure any homeowners. Others in Calera weren't as lucky.

The mobile home behind Wayne Pate's home was ripped to the ground. He and his family are safe, but one of his neighbors is in the hospital in critical condition.

"In fact, I was told that they were eating their evening meal and it hit and they were trapped in their home and they're in critical condition in the hospital, I understand," Pate said.

The storm hit and the family's home collapsed on top of them. Family members at the scene declined going on camera, but did say that one of those family members is still in critical condition.

Calera Police chief Don Hyde says the community is pulling for her.

"Our thoughts and prayers are obviously going out to her and her family," Hyde said.

The storm came through at 6:30 p.m. Sunday. So far it's only been confirmed as straight line winds.

Police Chief Don Hyde says crews have come from as far north as Kingston and south as Sherman to help them out. There were more than 20 power lines down and more than 2,000 without power at the height of the damage.

At the Emergency Manager's office, anyone can come pick up water If they need it. Also, if you'd like to bring water bottles or snacks for the crews, they will gladly welcome donations that are dropped off here at the fire department. And as we reported earlier, Calera schools will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday).

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