Clerk fights robbers back with baseball bat

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SHERMAN, TX -Customers at one Sherman store are calling the clerk a hero, for stopping a robbery, with an unusual weapon. Nicolette Schleisman spoke with the clerk who scared off the would be criminals.

At about 10 last night, two men came into Whitney's grocery off of Maxey and Odneal, and demanded money from the clerk. Two other customers were also in the store at the time. And that's when the clerk grew suspicious, and grabbed a baseball bat.

"He just pulled out the gun and he said give me the money. And I said don't do that. And he said give me the money," said Abraham Sogoba.

At around 10 Thursday night, Abraham Sogoba was closing up shop and helping the last two customers left in Whitney's Grocery in Sherman. But that is when his normal routine was interrupted.

"Two black males had come in wearing some type of bandanas over their face to conceal their identity one of them had some type of firearm who pointed it at the clerk and demanded money," said Sergeant D.M. Hampton with the Sherman Police Department.

He remained calm and started thinking quickly. The clerk says he knew something wasn't quite right when one of the suspects came towards him with the gun, and he got a good look at it.

"He started to approach me with a gun and I found out it was a fake gun. But it really looked like the real gun," said Sogoba.

That's when Sogoba decided to fight back.

"So I pull out the baseball bat and tried to scare the other one. And I hit the ground with it, and they took off running," said Sogoba.

Sogoba's quick thinking left others applauding his efforts.

"I'm proud of whatever he did. I'm proud to be honest, it's not easy job to work in any convenience store," said Mohammad Umer, owner of Whitney's Grocery.

"It's the way of the world now a days. But I'm proud of him for standing up for what he believes in. But he needs more than a bat back there," said customer Jeff Armstrong.

Sogoba says it wasn't bravery at all.

"By the way they were acting, I didn't panic and I knew they were not professional," said Sogoba.

If you have any information you can leave an anonymous tip on the Sherman P.D. website, or you're urged to call them at (903) 892-7299

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