Colbert warns of water department phone scam

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COLBERT, OK -- A new phone scam has popped up in a Bryan County community.

Colbert Police say scammers, pretending to be the water department have been calling citizens and attempting to get them to send money for their bills.

The scammers have tried to ask residents to pay their bills over the phone with credit or debit cards.

Police Chief Jeff Gerkee believes the scam is taking place in Colbert due to the recent water shortage the city has experienced.

Colbert Police Chief Jeff Goerke said, "The city of Colbert is not set up to handle credit cards or debit cards, so this is a scam. Someone is calling around, trying to get people to give them their information, so they can use it for other purposes."

Colbert police ask any citizen that receives a scammer's call to write down the phone number and contact police immediately.