Colbert family wants son's body returned to Oklahoma

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COLBERT, OK -- The father of a Colbert man who died while working in Iraq, got some answers from the government today about why they can't bring his body back to the U.S.

"I'm disappointed with the corporation he was working for, and more specifically, I was disappointed with the government that he served," said Mike Copeland.

Mike Copeland says he was told that his son Michael's body could not be brought back to the U.S. because he died of SARS, a serious form of pneumonia.

Laura Steele with the State Department told us Iraqi law requires an autopsy be performed before the remains can leave the country.

Michael Copeland worked for Dyna-Corp, maintaining aircraft in Iraq.

He was found dead in his bunk last Saturday, but his family has their doubts about how he died.

"Of course I have suspicions, I spoke with him less than 12 hours before they say they found him. At the time I spoke with him he said he was feeling fine, he was optimistic and sounded happy and he was doing his laundry," said Copeland.

We'll continue to follow this story.