Tips to Prepare for Cold Weather

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SHERMAN, TX-The cold weather has arrived with temperatures expected to dip below freezing across Texoma Monday night. This is our third blast of cold for the season and Monday could be the coldest so far this fall. And while the falling temperatures may be tough on our homes, health officials said there might be a silver lining to these winter temperatures.

Freezing temperatures across Texoma have people rushing into area hardware stores to prepare. Lowe's Service Manager, Tim Hayes, said one of their top sellers is insulation for homes and pipes.

"You need to start now in getting ready because they don't need to wait til it really drops off and it gets cold then your pipes tend to break. You need to do some preventative measures now," he said.

Hayes said during the winter, the biggest problem he sees are frozen pipes.

"If they're not properly insulated, then you're gonna have an issue with the freezing up and they're gonna burst up on you and then you're gonna have a real big mess on your hands," he said.

Keeping your home warm is not only important to protect your pipes, it's important for you and your pets. If you must put your pets outside or you have livestock, make sure they have shelter and water that is not frozen.

But there is a bright side to the cold.

"It has begun to get cooler so there's fewer mosquitoes."

Experts said after the first two freezes, mosquitoes will die off.

Texas Health-WNJ registered nurse, Barbara Moody said although there haven't been any new reported cases of the West Nile for over a month, there could still be a few out there.

"I think it's smart to be protective. When you're outside and spending a lot of time outside, because remember it's even cold and they still have mosquitoes up in Canada and Alaska. They don't have it all winter, but it's much cooler there and they still have West Nile," she said.

Moody said it's hard to tell if next year will be better or worse for the West Nile.

"Well, I haven't any idea because we don't know what the winter will be like and so that's kind of the teller tale. But with such a mild winter last year, I haven't seen two in a row in Texas where it's very mild for two years in a row," she said.

Moody adds that even though it's cold, it's still important to have mosquito repellent with DEET with you. And Hayes said if your pipes freezes and bursts, shut off the water.

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