Collinsville nursing home residents displaced after pipe burst

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COLLINSVILLE, TEXAS -- Residents of Collinsville's Homestead nursing home have been embraced by staff at nearby nursing homes, who agreed to take them in while their homes were flooded.

"I think they handled everything real well, moving us all out," Collinsville Homestead resident Priscilla Schipper said.

This pipe burst inside Homestead's attic around 5:30 Monday evening.

The company repairing the building's sprinkler system says the pipes froze, and when they went in to fix it, a pipe burst.

Homestead Owner Rick Williams declined to go on camera, but said it's a simple problem that's being handled.

"They called the fire department down here to assist with evacuation of the patients," Collinsville Fire Marshal Damon Stewart said.

Stewart says while the damage is mostly cosmetic, resident's can't move back in until the water-damaged fire alarms are restored.

Crews spent the majority of the day repairing the sprinkler system and picking up the fallen sheet rock.

Meantime, some of the 30 displaced residents, like Schipper, have been transported to Whitesboro Health and Rehab Center.

Carla Wilson works there and was pleased they were able to take in Priscilla, who is her aunt.

"You need to be able to trust that where they are, that they're being taken care of and they're going to pull together and everything's going to be okay," Wilson said.

"Oh I was glad I was coming here," Schipper said.

Schipper says, while she understands things like this happen, other residents are not as sympathetic.

"There are some people that are really, really confused and don't handle change at all. Several of them were really upset. Crying," Schipper said.

Homestead is expected to be fully operational by Wednesday.

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