Commissioners approve pay raises for Bryan Co. elected officials

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK --- Several elected officials will be getting a pay raise after commissioners approved it following discussions of the budget.

"Extra money is always exciting," said Simmons.

Bryan County Commissioner Tony Simmons and the board of commissioners recently approved the budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

They've passed a $125 dollar/month pay increase for elected county officials.

"It's something we've been needing for quite some time," said Simmons.

It's been 10-years to be exact. Since 2004, county elected officials including the tax assessor, treasurer, county and court clerks, commissioners and the county sheriff have not received a salary increase. But during the past fiscal year, the county was able to earn more revenue; giving them a higher budget for this current fiscal year at over $4-million, compared to the 3 million budget threshold required to approve raises.

"This year we had a big increase in revenue, from our ad valorem taxes because of growth in the county," said Montgomery.

County Commissioner Monty Montgomery says it's a positive thing to see higher revenues.

Montgomery's term as commissioner ends in December, but says the pay increase is a long time coming for all officials involved.

"County officials particularly in this county have been considerably underpaid, if you compare that position with other comparable jobs," said Montgomery.

The exise board approved the pay raise on Monday. It now goes to the state for final approval.

The pay increase would be retroactive back to July 1st and county officials would start to see the pay raise in their checks sometime in November.