Commissioners fight to get damaged roads fixed

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BENNINGTON,OK -- Recent construction on the Keystone Pipeline
has left some Bryan County roads damaged.

"I just would like to see the people of Bryan County get their road back like it should be," said Jay Perry.

A road full of potholes and uneven ground.

A few years ago, Jackson Road in Bennington Oklahoma was re-surfaced when Bryan County Commissioner Jay Perry took office. Now, it is severly damaged.

"This is the major road in this area that goes all the way down to the Southeastern part of our county," said Perry.

Perry says the damage occurred in the 8-month span that TransCanada installed the Keystone Pipeline through the town last year.

He says last year he provided TransCanada an estimate of $700,000 for damages caused by their trucks during construction.

Now five months after completion, the county has only received a small portion of that quote.

"We met and discussed all the bills in one meeting, and I told him I'm not stuck on that number. One thing I am stuck on; I want my road put back like it was," said Perry.

After contacting the company and getting an assistant District Attorney involved, commissioners received a check for over $125,000, but Perry says that's not enough.

"The roads in Bennington are horrible," said local resident Kelly Luck.

Bennington resident, Kelly Luck, works at a Salon in Durant. She says it's difficult for her just to get to work.

"Sometimes the potholes are bigger than my car tires," said Luck.

Perry says he hopes TransCanada will foot the entire bill for the mess they left behind.