Grayson County commissioners reappoint fire marshals

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX - Grayson County fire marshals will continue to investigate fires and serve residents after commissioners voted to reappoint the fire marshal and assistant Tuesday morning.

"They literally work night and day for us," said Grayson County Emergency Management coordinator Sarah Somers of the Grayson County fire marshals. She says they are a vital part of their emergency team.

"Kevin Walton and David Gallagher's long years of experience in fire fighting and working for the county and also from being from the area really help us. They know Grayson County inside and out--all 980 square miles," said Somers.

And fire marshal Kevin Walton and assistant fire marshal David Gallagher will continue performing that service for Grayson County residents, as commissioners voted unanimously to re-appoint them Tuesday.

"We've had some potential arson issues over in the Sherwood Shores area," said precinct 4 commissioner Bart Lawrence.

Prior to their initial appointment in 2012, the state fire marshal would come to Grayson County to investigate suspicious fires.

Commissioer Lawrence says when a string of arson cases broke out in the Sherwood Shores area, it was imperative to have local fire marshals on the scene immediately, "They've been instrumental in that. They've patrolled more, they've done a great job."

Somers told commissioners Tuesday that Walton and Gallagher have not only played a part in successful felony prosecutions, they've also conducted more than 100 investigations, and provided fire coordination on over 50 large events, in just two years.

"The comments from the area and my constituents have been very favorable of what they've done. And they've gone the extra mile. They really have," said commissioner Lawrence.

They also serve as the chief and assistant fire chief at NTRA-Perrin Field.

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