Committee formed to amend Paris' smoking ordinance

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PARIS, TX-- A smoking ordinance sparked yet another heated debate at Monday's city council meeting, and it's being brought back on the council agenda.

The council decided to form a task force committee with doctors, business owners, city officials, smokers and non smokers to amend the ordinance.

The ordinance, as it's proposed now, would ban smoking in bars, restaurants and all public locations, as well as the use of e-cigarettes.

While many residents are for the ban others believe it's violating their rights.

"There's restaurants all around town there's some smoking and some non smoking I go to the ones that smoke it's our chose to do that."

"When you allow them to blow smoke and destroy the health of others just because he doesn't give a hoot about his own health, is that justice?"

Mayor A.J. Hashmi says at the next meeting, he hopes the committee will have come to an agreement that works for both sides.