Community concerned about residual effects of the ice storm

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- More Texomans are making their way out of their homes, after days being stuck indoors.

"Just getting out of the house: cabin fever, need to go to the grocery store," TAPS CEO Brad Underwood said.

Underwood is happy to provide public transportation again after shutting down service for four days. He says they've been inundated with calls.

"This morning, before noon, we'd already received over 900 incoming phone calls for scheduling trips," Underwood said.

Many schools remained closed Wednesday, making it the fourth day of school closings.

At Wakefield Elementary in Sherman, crews worked to remove ice in an attempt to open classroom doors again on Thursday.

The Region 10 Education Service Center released this statement about make-up days, stating, "All schools build two bad-weather make-up days into their calendars, but after that they must add instructional days or ask the Texas Education Agency for a waiver."

One of the biggest setbacks is for small businesses, which rely on this time of the year for one of the largest portions of their income.

"I'm losing anywhere from $7-$10,000 for a week of no business," Co-owner of Bon-Appetit Ya'll Jennifer Taylor said.

Taylor says they make the majority of their income from October to December. Since the ice storm, she's panicked.

"I'm concerned that I have enough revenue in the next 14 days to make up what I've lost and to be able to pay down, you know, invoices of all of this Christmas stuff," Taylor said.

Taylor says she's praying people finish their Christmas shopping by buying locally.

"All I can do is hope and pray that I can make up some of it," Taylor said.

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