Community playground sparks new ordinance for Bonham sex offenders

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BONHAM, TX - A new ordinance is approved in Bonham to better protect children from registered sex offenders--and the effort started with the construction of a new community playground.

"I'm glad our leaders have taken a step to protect our children," said grandfather and Bonham resident, Quentin Curtis.

Bonham Police Chief Mike Bankston says there are 41 registered sex offenders living in the city, "They have to report when they're moving and they have to report each year."

In Monday's City Council meeting, the council approved the City's first residency ordinance for registered sex offenders -- and it's consistent with state law.

"Powder creek park is really the initiation for this. We said no registered sex offenders can live within one thousand feet of any place where children gather," said Bonham Mayor Roy Floyd.

"I support it one hundred percent it keeps the predators from being able to watch their prey from in hiding," said Curtis.

Sixteen registered sex offenders live within boundaries set by the new ordinance, but Mayor Floyd says, "This doesn't affect them they're more or less grandfathered--but obviously law enforcement is keeping an eye on them."

Many residents, including the Mayor, are glad the city is taking action.

"It is a proactive gesture on the part of our city council to make sure our citizens--especially our children--are protected." said Mayor Floyd.

Chief Bankston tells me of the 41 registered sex offenders in Bonham, they've never had a repeat offender.