Community to help disabled Denison man clean up junk pile

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DENISON, TX -- After seeing a story we brought you last night, several community members are stepping up to help a disabled Denison man clean up a big mess near his property.

Tim Redford just moved into his home on Nelson Street a month ago, not realizing a piece of land just yards from his home has been used a dump for years.

The city of Denison says they don't own it. Redford doesn't own it either, but he says it's a fire and health hazard.

Thursday, Redford says a woman and six kids came by to help, and the Denison National Honor Society members and Sherman Home Depot plan to pitch in, too.

"Part of our core values for Home Depot is giving back to the community and taking care of people. And so, this is something we felt like would be a good idea to do," Home Depot Asst. Manager Samuel Harston said.

"It makes me feel bad because I can't do nothing for them. I can't pay them. But, I am grateful for everything they're doing. It's just, it's amazing," Redford said.

The city has provided Redford with a dumpster and they will haul it off once it is full.

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