Congressman Tom Cole hosts town hall meeting in Ada

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ADA, OK -- US congressman Tom Cole stopped in Ada Thursday afternoon, for a town hall meeting to discuss a variety of topics with residents.

Some topics that were discussed included, the IRS scandal, federal deficit, gun control, and immigration.

Cole says there was a lot of focus and questions on foreign issues such as the Benghazi attack, North Korea, and international security.

He says these town hall meetings allow him to learn what Oklahomans are most concerned about, and that foreign issues hit home for a lot of residents with having family members overseas.

"I think the country would like to have peace, but obviously not peace at any price," said Cole. "It wants security. It wants to know that we're doing the right thing, and honestly it wants to know that we're not wasting money overseas, and anything we do do is prudent."

Cole will host another town hall meeting on Friday afternoon in Lawton.