Congressman-elect goes on "listening tour"

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"I want to answer any questions that you have. It doesn't make any different what it's about."

That's what Congressman-elect for U.S. district two Markwayne Mullin hopes to do on his listening tour through Oklahoma. This week he is traveling to all 26 counties he'll represent to ask the people what they want to see in Washington. From the Kansas border to the Red River, the Congressman-elect said he's hearing a pattern.

"From one county to the next we're all speaking the same thing," he said. "We just want the government to leave us alone."

That's just one message Mullin heard while visiting five to six counties every day this week. He's fielded questions about education, government scope and the fiscal cliff. In Madill the questions ranged from the political...

"Do you think the federal government's going to be able to do anything with the state on behalf of congress and the president?" asked one attendee.

To the economic..

"What do we do about social security?" asked another attendee.

Some at the meeting believe the first time Congressman will face an uphill battle.

"Of course he can only do so much but he's aware of our problems," said constituent Jack Boatmun.

But others believe he can make a difference in Washington.

"There's a little bit of hope that he can accomplish some great things with some new people there," constituent Tom Frank said.

And Mullin said he believes listening to his future constituents will pay off.

"It allows me to be able to convey a concern that affects everyone throughout our whole district," Mullin said.

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