Construction underway on $1 million TAPS training facility

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SHERMAN, TX - Construction is underway on a new training facility at the TAPS public transit headquarters in Sherman.

Nearly 300,000 riders across the region rely on TAPS public transit to get around, and they rely on drivers to get them to their destination safely.

"TAPS as an agency, we strive for safety. always. I mean we transport lives," said TAPS Director of Safety, Security, and IT Josh Walker.

Walker is the project manager for a $1 million training facility currently under construction at the TAPS headquarters in Sherman.

"We're building four training rooms, one will actually house the simulator," said Walker.

The Simulator is on its way, and Walker says it's the most exciting element of the training facility. It's made from an old sherman TAPS bus that's now being turned into a state-of-the-art driving simulator.

New and current drivers will be able to practice in the simulator---preparing them for, "Real life scenarios that a driver may face in the real driving environment: right turns, left turns, lane changes, getting on and off ramps, driving in the rural environment and driving in various weather environments," said Walker.

It will be able to simulate driving transportation vehicles from many different manufacturers. Walker says there's even an ambulance setting. Taps plans to let other agencies use the facility and the simulator for their training as well.

"We are one of only a few in the state of Texas that will have this availability," said Walker.

Construction on the center is expected to be completed by mid-April, and all the equipment should be fully operational in June.

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