Convenience store drug raid

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SHERMAN, TX -- The Grayson County Sheriff's office began investigating Joe's Friendly Mart after getting a tip from the Texas Comptroller's Office about a shipment of un-taxed tobacco products. Investigators found not only illegal tobacco, but K-2 with an estimated street value of $80,000.

A business owner near Joe's Friendly Mart says the convenience store has a lot of customers.

"He had a booming business right there," said customer Greg Roberts

But not today.
The convenience store was closed Tuesday, after the Grayson County Sheriff's office and Texas Comptroller's office raided the store and found more than $100,000 worth of illegal product and cash.

The store's owner, Joe K. Mathew was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, but posted $75,000 bond Tuesday.

About $17,000 in cash, seven truck loads of un-taxed tobacco product, and K-2 with an estimated street value of over $80,000 was seized by officials.

"I have seen on numerous occasions of especially probably mid to early twenties people coming in and buying packets of K-2. I have seen that," said Roberts.

It's the K-2 that bothers the Sheriff's office.

"What's concerning us is that it's been determined that this K-2, this synthetic ingredient, is much more addictive than the real marijuana," said Sheriff Keith Gary.

And the K-2 is sold in bright packaging, disguising the dangerous substance inside. That is why investigators urge parents to be aware of what their kids are bringing home.

"It's a serious thing and we're going to have to pay more attention to it. The thing that we've learned in the past is, about the time you get a grip on one type of drug, then of course, it shifts and goes to some other type. I mean people in this business are very innovative," said Sheriff Gary.

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