Convicted man could face separate murder charges

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BENNINGTON,OK -- A man convicted of drug possession could still be a suspect in a murder investigation.

"Did he do something illegal we're not for certain, is it morally wrong, yes." said Nathan Calloway.

On February 21st last year just after 2 in the afternoon, Bryan County Sherrif's and local police got a call of shots fired at a house off Highway 70 in Bennington.

When they arrived they found one man dead of a gunshot, another man was also shot and died at the hospital.

Rodney Andrews was taken into custody as the prime suspect and deputies began to search his house.

"This one was definitely strange given the fact that we had so many factors going in the search." said Calloway.

Bryan County Chief Investigator Nathan Calloway was on the scene that day.

"We found remains of a clandestine laboratory, and we'd also found a human skull." said Calloway.

Affidavits show during the search deputies also found several pieces of drug paraphernalia, meth and marijuana, and a booby trap with 5 shotgun shells.

Calloway says the skull was inside a pillow case with a swastika.

"Their original statement was something to the effect that he had acquired it from a university." said Calloway.

Andrews was taken into custody on drug charges and just last month was convicted of possessing meth.

But no charges have been filed in the two shooting deaths on his property that spurred the drug investigation.

"I hope it's opened back up and I hope that Rodney pays for what he did." said Laquita Hamilton.

Laquita Hampton is a friend of Gary Robison, one of the men Andrews allegedly shot.

She says a family dispute led to the violence that night.

She wants to know why Andrews hasn't been held accountable.

Investigators say the district attorney's office is still investigating whether the shooting was in self defense or whether the deaths of the two men were homicides.

Leaving friends and relatives to wait and Hampton says she wants justice.

"I hope they send him trial and I hope they find him guilty." said Hampton.