Cooke County to participate in the 2014 Great Texas Warrant Round-up

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COOKE COUNTY, TX -- In the next few weeks hundreds of law enforcement agencies will be cracking down on people with outstanding warrants across the state of Texas and those who do not pay up could find themselves behind bars.

The Cooke County Sheriff's Office and police departments throughout the county are joining more than 300 agencies across Texas for the Great Texas Warrant Round-up, but before the actual round up takes place Cooke County is giving its residents a chance to take care of business.

To avoid the handcuffs and a trip to jail Texas residents are being advised to take care of their outstanding warrants.

"Most of these are going to be traffic fines so it's money. So you get to stay in jail until you pay the fine or make bond," Sheriff Terry Gilbert said.

Sheriff Terry Gilbert says this is Cooke County's second year to take part in the roundup because the first year was a such a success.

"The first year was great. Brought in a lot of money, and you know, that's tax dollars," Gilbert said.

Gilbert says there are hundreds of outstanding warrants to be served in the county.

Before the round-up takes place, Justice of the Peace Jason Brinkley says there will be an amnesty period meaning warrant fees will be removed from the amount due.

"Its roughly $50 dollars per charge so the average person usually has two charges so they can reduce anywhere between $50 to $150 per person probably," Brinkley said.

Brinkley says the amnesty period will start within the next couple of weeks.

While they will not give us specific details about when the actual roundup will take place they say those with outstanding warrants will be given notice and will have plenty of time to pay the fines before hand.

"In the coming weeks there will be a list of individuals names in the newspaper. At that point they will know and all their friends will know that they have an outstanding warrant," Brinkley said.

"We're not out to put somebody in jail. Just come take care of your business," Gilbert said.

If you think you have an outstanding warrant in Cooke County, or know you do contact the Justice of the Peace Courts. The contact information is listed below.

Justice of the Peace Precinct 1:


320 County Road 451
Gainesville, TX 76240

Justice of the Peace Precinct 4:


304 W. O'Buch St.
Valley View, Texas 76272