Copper reported stolen in SE Lamar Co.

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LAMAR COUNTY, TX-- Copper thieves have struck again, this time in Southeastern Lamar County.

Lamar Electric Co-op says, nearly a mile of copper was stolen from their power lines Sunday night, along County Road 1226 in Pattonville.

Before this incident nearly 2,000 pounds of copper was stolen from their lines, in the Maxey and Hopewell areas. In all, these thefts have cost the co-op nearly $25,000.

“This time I am surprised we didn’t have a fatality,” said Director of Communications Dena Beason. “The thieves became confused on which line was the neutral and cut into one of the three phase hot wires. By cutting into the energized wire they could have been killed instantly, but they had to have some sort of tool that was insulated."

They're offering a $1,000 reward for anyone that has information that leads to an arrests or indictment of those involved.

“The initial outage only caused about 10 people to be without power, but to reconnect the wire safely the linemen had to disconnect service to approximately 150 people,” said Beason.