Council members discuss Gainesville smoking ordinance

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- A smoking ordinance for the city of Gainesville is still in the works.

At Tuesday night's city council meeting, council members discussed what the ordinance will entail. They are looking at other smoking ordinances in cities across Texas as a guide.

City manager Barry Sullivan says the ordinance will ban smoking from many local facilities, and it will carry a fine that won't exceed $2,000. Some local bars and restaurants will be exempt.

They were hoping for feedback from residents Tuesday, but there were no comments on the matter.

"This is going to be a three reading ordinance, and the reason we do that is to allow residents to come in and give their feed back, because we want to hear what their issues are and do what's right for the community," Sullivan said.

They'll discuss the ordinance again at the next meeting on April 16.

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