Paris city council sends proposed smoking ordinance changes to city attorney

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PARIS, TX-- The Paris City Council has agreed to send the Task Force Committee's recommendations on the proposed smoking ordinance to the City Attorney.

The City Attorney will now write up an amended ordinance based on the Task Force Committee's changes. The committee decided to ban smoking in all restaurants, but allow bars that make more than 50% of revenue off alcohol sales, the right to decide.

People can still smoke in private clubs, if the owners allow it, and people can use e-cigarettes anywhere.

Committee members say they are looking out for the city's best interest.

"It was a very amicable agreement," said committee member John Kruntorad. "Each side gave on some issues while each side stuck with some issues that were important to us."

The committee will meet to see the revised ordinance before going to the council approval on March 10th.