County Commissioners to consider salary increase for Constables

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LAMAR COUNTY, TX-- A committee met Thursday night to listen to two Lamar County Constables explain why they filed salary grievances.

Constables Madeline Chance and Vance Boehler filed a salary grievance after receiving a copy of this years salaries for elected officials.

The nine member committee listened as they explained why their salaries should increase. The Constables said they want equal pay for the job they do.

The committee voted 7-2 in favor of an increase for the constables.

The proposed increase will now have to be considered by commissioners at Friday's public hearing.

"If 7 out of 9 people are for, and if the commissioners really consider that and have, not the compassion but the common sense of what the people have voted on, because they are voting on Lamar County's behalf, they are for not against," said Precinct 2 Constable Vance Boehler. "We hope the commissioners consider that."

Commissioners will consider a salary increase at a public hearing Friday, before they adopt the 2013- 2014 budget.

Chance and Boehler say no matter what the outcome is they are still going to do the job they always have.