Choctaw County Sheriff remembers Oklahoma City bombing

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HUGO, OK - Its been nearly two decades since the tragedy of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Today, the Choctaw County"Sheriff, who was blocks away from the scene when it happened, is looking back on that dreadful day.

"To stop back now and reflect on running in that building that day... I don't's scary," said Terry Park, Choctaw County Sheriff.

Its been 19 years since the state of Oklahoma was shaken to its core.

Back on April 19th, 1995 The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed.
A devastating event that many people across the world still remember very clearly, including Choctaw County Sheriff Terry Park.

"I, myself have never served in a war. When I arrived there 15 minutes after it went off at 9:02 that morning, it looked like a war zone," said Park.

At the time of the bombing Park worked for the Spencer Oklahoma police department and was just miles away when havoc struck.
He was one of the first on scene and first to witness the overwhelming scene of chaos and destruction.

"We were uncovering and pulling some people out that were trapped. There was a lot of bodies laying around throughout the building," said Park.

Park says it's a day he'll always remember. But at the same time, something that will never make sense.

"It's just a day that you'll never forget and what's even sadder is it was orchestrated and carried out by American," said Park.

Since that day Park has collected memorabilia. Including plaques, pins, cards from victims and a quilt he had put together with various quotes reminding him of that day and of how strong Oklahoma truly is.

It sticks in your heart. It sticks in your mind. You never forget it," said Park.